Wednesday, June 13, 2018

KAALA | Twitter Review

Enjoyed watching . excels in all area Romance,Humor,Actions,Punchliners.All Characters were scripted so well.kudos to for their characterization. people of

Altercations between & were the highlights. did a splendid performance,his mannerism were too good.that scene when asks permission with to leave ,was veralevel .Police Station scene was EPIC. .

என மக்கள் அரசியலை கையாண்டதற்கு salute to . all of dialouges reminded all of us who he is. kudos to your guts.teen who got killed for throwing stone on Poster-harsh realty of oppression.

depicted in respectfully. ,. sharing space with , is nice to watch. calls by name.Rebel & brave.scene where GrandChild of HariDada asks him not to kill that's 💐👌

Special mention to team for their outstanding lyrics for , , . has used them well. music has become my all time favorites list. rocks. BGM & Music மிரட்டல். sets were so real.Nice work.

The Pre-Climax scenes sharply reminds and .Its an irony, press meet on Protesters as contradicts . எதிர்த்து கேள்வி கேட்டா கொல்லுவீங்களா? Dialogue Reminds exactly of .

as a whole worked for me only in bits&Pieces. is clear in what he wants to depicts,but somehow lacks connection with viewer all through.Politics of vs portrayed well.Liked symbolism used everywhere 👍 Expecting more from you

Sincerely wishes to act more & more films & entertain us.Personally i feel he is at Peak of his Career.Super happy for #2.0, directorial.Wish he do films with my favs etc..